Monday, May 5, 2014

Copy Paste a Text from an Image

Copy Paste a Text from an Image, meme generator, text

When you want to create a meme we scan the web for the image we like then save it, then edit the picture to add text. Want to make things easier? Use the browser extension Project Naptha developed by Kevin Kwok. Project Naptha lets you copy and paste text on images and translate it into any language. Once you install it on your browser you can choose any text on an image online and select it and paste it on another image.

Project Naptha is a text detection program that is designed to fit into a browser as extension. It is based on OCR functionality that first optimizes the image for the block of text.

First you will need to optimized the text,then select the text on the image and right click and select the "Copy text" from the menu option.

Once you copy the text, the program will translate your selected text, it will be digitized and then you can paste it anywhere.

You can also change the language of the text on the image that you have selected. Just use the translate menu, and choose any language. Then just copy and paste, no need to use Google translator.