Sunday, April 20, 2014

Be Anonymous and Safeguard your Privacy Online

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There are a lot of shady people using the internet to steal identity and information. They can also steal data in your computer when you access the internet. It is very important to protect yourself from these online criminals. Here are some tricks and tips to ensure your privacy online.

Here are some Methods you can follow:

  • Location Data: Most websites employs location data to identify your location so that they can use advertisement that within your area. So it will be best if you turn it off on your browser. You can also set it as "prompt me when necessary." You can also use Proxies or VPN server that would help you in hiding your IP and location.
  • Third Party Cookies: using this online marketers or webmasters can easily track your identity and identify your browsing habits. This is the strategy used by online advertisers like Google to track your searches and where you have been. If you turn it off, they will not be able to track them.
  • JavaScript: online criminals can use Java Script to steal your identity through plug-ins. It may also send your information to advertisers. You may disable JavaScript on your browser settings. Use "No Script" or "Script safe."
  • Plugin Access: Installing plugins on your browser will give them access your computer, that may also be use to get your identity. You can easily turn off your plugin access.
  • User Agent Spoofing: Keep your identity safe by using "User-Agent Switcher" or "User Agent Over rider" extensions.  
  • Do not Track: You can use the option "Do not Track" on your browser setting to keep your browsing private.

Using these methods you can protect your identity online and prevent identity theft. You can also use "https" instead of "http".

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